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Quick Note about the WWW

April 14th, 2008 by grace · 1 Comment

The first thing I thought after reading this essay was, “Wow, I should just give this to my grandparents and the mystery will be over for them!”

Seriously, they both have this vague impression of these acts one does on the internet, and they want to do them too, but we keep having to explain to them what a cursor is, or why they aren’t successfully sending emails…“Um, are you sure the line is blinking after you’ve clicked in that spot?” (She had moved her cursor to the body of the email without clicking, and continued to type an email in the subject line. I think she eventually ran out of space.) My family has honestly spent hours helping them reach this goal of “getting on the internet”. I think they recognize that it must be important, but are clueless as to why this is or how they can take part in it.

This reading reminds me of the earlier texts, in the sense that it shows how the web truly was this novel thing. Having grown up in an era when the internet was, for the most part, integrated into daily life, it’s nice to be reminded of that difference on occasion. If it weren’t for the technical jargon used in the essay, I would photocopy this and send them on their way.

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  • etimberlake // Apr 16th 2008 at 7:43 pm

    It is pretty interesting to see people in our grandparents’ generation try to figure out computers. I know my grandmother wants absolutely nothing to do with one but my grandfather has been determined to use one and he’s actually figured it out after a couple of years and now he’s got it down pretty well. But it does go to show how much easier it is for us to handle computers since we were immersed in them from an earlier age.