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For: Gwen, re: Jimmy

April 10th, 2008 by grace · 2 Comments

So I wanted to respond back to Gwen about Jimmy, but the comment thing flipped out on me, so here goes:

So about Jimmy…
Because his disabled body rules his life so much, he should even more so face that unfair reality (the fact he is disabled), and by doing so learn to integrate better into society, and maybe by doing that, slowly learn to accept his body’s limitations, but also its abilities. Right now he is cloistering himself away and distancing himself further from others, which I can see being easy for him to do as a teen who isĀ  even more insecure than most others because of his disabilities, but my point is that that’s not healthy- instead of testing to see what he is capable of actually doing, he is indulging in a false ‘perfection’ that juxtaposes harshly with what is actually true. I do feel for little Jimmy, and I hate predicting how that kid’s going to be five years from now (then?)-I assume even more socially distant, locked into this fantasy world, limited to this.

P.S.- Marty is most definitely a geek, and he stresses me out just reading about him!
P.P.S- Maybe I am just a heartless bitch. A possibility, perhaps. But really I think people should be pushed.

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  • Gwen // Apr 10th 2008 at 12:33 pm

    haha I don’t think you’re a “heartless bitch”! and you are absolutely right that such a person, in theory, should push themselves to socialize and overcome their insecurities, but, the fact that we don’t have any crippling disabilities makes me think that we are not in the position to tell jimmy to keep a stuff upper lip and pull himself u by his proverbial bootstraps. i just wouldn’t be able to judge his behavior unless i myself had overcome a comparable situation…

  • Gwen // Apr 10th 2008 at 12:40 pm